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  • September 07 - December 15, 2019

Delicious meatballs “Mortadelki” by Hlobyno peppered with our creative idea have not only made us physically stronger, but collected 6 million views, too. Sales almost doubled. Mmmmm!


Maintain and increase brand awareness of TM Hlobyno in the highly competitive market of meat products.
Introduce TM Hlobyno to the media landscape by launching “Mortadelki”.


Created a concept that sets the Hlobyno brand apart from the competition.
Created 2 videos featuring the following idea: meatballs “Mortadelki” are meat batteries that are charged with meat!
Ensured the synergy of media channels with the wide TV and digital coverage to maximize the reach of the target audience.


Coverage of the TV campaign — more than 80% of the target audience (frequency 1+), about 130M contacts with the viewer.
Digital campaign coverage — more than 13.5 contacts.
About 6M full views of 2 videos.
The overall campaign coverage is over 88% of the target audience.
Sales almost doubled as compared to the same period in 2018.

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