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UMa & UMi

UMa & UMi

Stylish jewelry for girls seen by one out of four Ukrainians!


Shape the knowledge about a new unique product in Ukraine — the children’s jewelry UMa & UMi.
Build knowledge among the target audience and boost the number of clients in the points of sales.
Provide the most targeted traffic to the website during the active search period for unconventional gifts for children on the New Year’s Eve and St. Nicholas Day.


Developed and implement a media campaign aiming to increase coverage and conversion.
Adapted existing videos for the Internet and cinemas, as well as created banners for media campaigns.
Displayed  video ads before each movie for kids in the cinemas located in the shopping malls housing the shops of the brand’s partners
Integrated brand products with the content of opinion leaders.


More than 11.5M impressions.
64K clicks.
More than 889,000 full video views.
70K moviegoers watched videos featuring the brand.
Six bloggers with different audiences, both parents and children, were involved in the campaign.
More than 500K views of videos and stories.
Audience coverage amounted to more than 490K.
137K of views of the video featured on the Nasha Masha vlog.
Sales grew by 3.5 times as compared to the pre-campaign period.

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