Cooking a delicious dinner in 15 minutes is quite a challenge! Same goes for a launch of a new product during the lockdown. But together with PRIPRAVKA, we have proven that it is as possible as reaching 92% of the target audience. After all, cooking at home is a 2020 trend, that also brought us gold EFFIE award in “Product/service launch” category.


Introduce a new category of products “Cooking with sauce” to the market by using digital tools and building knowledge about the product across a wide audience.
Educate the audience how to use the product properly and show its key benefits.


Launched a media campaign with a wide coverage: package placements on relevant websites, programmatic audience buying, contextual tools to attract users to video and graphic content.
Built trust towards the product through cooperation with well-known Instagram influencers and cooking YouTube channels.
Used a wide range of creatives and formats: video recipes, static and dynamic banners, dishes from famous YouTube chefs, life hacks and recommendations from Instagram bloggers.


Over 28M impressions.
Unique audience coverage — more than 10M, with 3.6M being the TA, which is 92% of all online target audience.
16M video views.
More than 800K interactions with influencers’ content.
110K visits on the website.
Positive perception of the product by the audience and offline sales growth.

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