HUGGIES. For expecting mothers...


HUGGIES. For expecting mothers

  • e-commerce, performance campaigns, SEO, UX, web development
  • October 20, 2017 – present

The right UX, competent SEO optimization, and careful campaign planning – and every mother has heard about Huggies!

  • To raise the awareness of the TA, pregnant women and young moms about the brand Huggies and ensure the first purchase.
  • To develop an e-commerce landing page which will enable users to buy an SKU at a special price at a 50% discount and free delivery
  • To list the landing on Amazon (AWS) and further optimize it according to the safety requirements by using the encoding of databases
  • To integrate the landing with e-mail, sms and Viber mailings, as well as to generate codes for discounts, to engage an e-commerce partner to process orders and ensure delivery
  • To set up Google Analytics and advanced analytics for e-commerce and HotJar
  • To SEO optimize the website
  • To design creative materials for a performance campaign on GDN/Facebook
  • To run e-mail and Viber mailings for potential buyers
  • To list the offer on the discount services websites

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